New Tattoo!!

Howdy People!!

I saw a new drawing by one of my favourite cartoonist in these post modern times, Shawn Dickinson, and I just had to get it layed on my skin!! see the original picture of it over at Shawn's blog.

My lovely wife Isabel Santana did the sewing check out her stuff!!


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  2. You're a strange strange man, mon ami.


  3. Lookin' good, pal!!!! I think you might be my biggest fan....ya fuckin' psycho! haha!

    I love it! And I feel honored!!!!

  4. awesome tattoo! wow!
    Shawn's skeleton surfer is very good.

    mi enhorabuena a Isa :)

  5. nice ta-oo lluis! how the fuck are you brother? did I tell you I bought a boat? I rocked your LP in it the other day. now I'm in Reno, high on sticker fumes.

    besos to isa - say hi to raul for me!


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