New Sintoma Skateboard Designs

Howdy All!

Well I've finally been able to finish the Sintoma Skateboard designs for 2010.... I've been hacking away at them for months... I had to ink them with Adobe Illustrator....and man I had a pretty ugly time... "man why does it keep doing that!" I'd be saying for weeks!!! and fitting one layer under the other and transperencies and vector shit.... anyway I'm happy they're out of the way... and it shits me bad that the only reason they wanted the designs in vector is so they could pull and stretch to fit on the board shapes.... shit.... just give me a template and I'll get it happening... Spend my time learning how to use Illustrator so some guy can do his job quicker... so I gotta do mine slower!!! damn it makes me angry!!anywho... they are done now! I'm happy I learned new stuff though...

I got most of my Adobe Illustrator knowledge (I don't have much) from such kind folks as Sherm Cohen and Brian Romero HERE you can see Brian Romeros post on digital inking, and HERE
Sherm's very helpfull Youtube videos explaining his inking process.

I'm not one for doing things digitally... I think it looks crappy and at the end of the day just sitting in front of a computer screen all day shit's me to tears... but sometimes you just gotta do it!

The black and white ones will have no white background... they will be wood colour... I told the guys back in Valencia to take some picks when they have them ready so I can post them here... but knowing how disorganised these street skating rats are... it'll be a while before I get to see them finished!! hehe

Down the bottom here are some sketches I used for the designs.


  1. Holy shit,I want that pig one. It's really funny, and so well drawn.

  2. great work dude!

    i hate being in front of a computer all day too - at least you get to make cool shit!

  3. Hey thanks for the nice comments!

    Hey James I'm diggin your cartoony blog! draw like mad!
    and dante.. yeah well we all know what you do in front of the computer all day..hehhe

  4. shhhhhhh.

    have you seen this blog?

    it's not porn! (trust me...)


    how do you ride it?!

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