See Ya 2009!!

G'day people!
I just finished these couple of peices for the NEW Manic Pistoleros Mini LP that will be out early next year... I've been listening to the record and it's one bad arse mother fucker!! rockin songs and real good natural sound so when it's out get your dirty little paws on it!! it'll be worth it!
this is the front cover... don't ask me what it is... because I haven't got a clue... only the gods know what I was thinking when I drew it???

and this is the back cover... it will have a fold out inside but it won't be done by me but by Doz... I'm sure she'll deliver real cool stuff!!

And down the bottom here is a little drawing I did for Matt Sonic's soon to be released "Revelator" vinyl pressing... I listened to it the other day and if Kyuss and them stoner sounds is what you dig... you will love this album... Matt is one real nice guy... we'll be playing with him and his band on New Years Eve at the Tote... it's shaping up to be a big one!!! I is scared!

and this is a little painting I'm working on for some upcoming exhibitions in the new year... gotta work hard!! real hard!


  1. oh boy oh boy oh boy!!
    can't wait to get my mits on that Pistoleros lp... the cover art couldn't be any more perfect!!

  2. Fuckin awesome! All this stuff is shit hot!!!!


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