Kustom Lane T-shirt Designs

Howdy Folks,
Here are some T-shirt designs I finished a few weeks ago... I thought I'd wait to post them here untill the T-shirts were silk screenes but since I'm going away for a few weeks I thought I'd put em up anyway... they should be ready by the time I get back...in March some time! so keep an eye out for them on the Kustom Lane Online Store they're not up yet but they will be soon!!!

Also got some good news (for me)... I'm gonna be working on Stickerguy's new webpage with heaps of shitty animations...I already did his title page years ago... I'll keep yous all posted about it but in the meantime man check out the prices for the stickers!!!! man I'm getting some made up for sure!! and they are all really good quality... I got some made a few years ago...they're still on my car like I stuck them on yesterday!!... so if your thinking of getting real good stickers for your band or whatnot go to Stickerguy.com out in Reno!!! and if you want RRRRRRREALLYYYY kick arse stickers get me to design them!!!!

To view stickerguy pricelist click HERE

See yas!

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