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G'day People, Just got back home on Monday from Valencia where we caught up with heaps of our mates... man we had one crazy old time!!! I think I left part of my already small brain there...
My wife took her tattooing instruments and tattooed a drawing I did a while back on one of my bestest friends in the world.... Gigante! original bass player in Midnight Woolf, Negative Waves and Los Perros among other thousand bands he's played in.... he's one of the greatest guys I know, and I love him!

I also caught up with the dudes from Sintoma Skateboards and picked up the latest batch of boards I designed for them...they turned ut really good... I was worried that they wouldn't turn out very good since I inked them in Adobe Illustrator... but every one there really likes them so all is good!
Anyway we had an awesome time at Trasto's house, telling jokes and drinking Rum... ohh how I love that sweet dark Rum!!!

My mother in law makes stuff with clay and she has her own ceramic oven... I had some spare time so I decided to give a go at painting some ceramic tiles... I wish I'd had more time to prepare the drawings.... these are only five out of ten, they are 20cm X 20cm on hand made tiles., if you are interested in buying any they are for sale at Galeria Valle Orti... just pop them an email.
It's pretty frustrating to do... because you have to draw very lightly with a really thin pencil and you can't rub out.... because the white gloss before cooking is a very fine toxic dust, and if you apply too much pressure with your pencil or try to rub out you'll dig a hole in the gloss, also the blue is actually a pinkish purple colour before you cook it and very pale so you don't really know how it's going to really look untill you cook it... it takes about 24 hours to cook and the heat reaches to more than 700 degrees Celsius, I love learning new stuff!

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