StickerGuy! Web in the works!!!


Here is a little Falsh animation loop I've been hacking away at for the last few days, I still need to fix a couple of things on it but I couldn't help myself, so here it is, I'm going to be going to Valencia in a couple of days for my Valle Orti exhibiton opening and will be meeting up with my good mate Mik Baro to talk about what other mischavous things we can do for Stickerguy!.com... I'll also be in Amsterdam on the 21st so Anomalys and company better grab tight your hats!!! we're gonna have a blast!!!!

see yer later!

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  1. Nice work with flash Lluis!

    I have been doing a bunch of stuff with lately and animation/video games/visualisations/etc.

    It could be be fun to mix with your pensmanship and crazy brain with my programming skillz for some kind of project.


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