Just got back from my trip about a couple of weeks ago... man been so busy I had to ignore the blog for a while... I'm still runnin a bit behind schedual with artwork but I'm gaining ground!!!

The exhibition in Valencia turned out really good but as usual I didn't take any photos... I'll see if I can track some down... Also spent some time with my mate Pete in Amsterdam!!! hhehehe good times!!!! saw Hex Dispensers which were awesome and The Anomalys with new second guitarist... it was a real fun night!!!

anyway here's some art....

Just finished this top ad/poster for the Turbo Rock festival in Spain... this ad will be feaured in Ruta 66 rock 'n' roll mag in Spain... July/August issue... so get your grubby paws on it!

Also got Los Chicos Off the Hip compilation cover ready for their Australian tour... that's gonna be fun!!!

On my way back from Europe I lost my plane in Doha, Qatar... and was stranded for 24h in a hotel with no money... the temperature outside was 53 degrees C BUT I was lucky enough to have a book my mate Pete Slovenly gave to me "Dishwasher" by Pete Jordan... I hadn't enjoyed a book so much in a long time... It's awesome!!!

See yas soon!

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