Cartoon Goulash!!!

Kustom Lane Gallery presents a Cartoon Goulash!!
Have you ever wondered what it's like to see the world through the eyes of a cartoonist Bum? well now you can!!!!! it's here!!! it's a Cartoon Goulash!!!!
Featuring the boiling hot ART of Sir Lluis Fuzzhound & Shawn Dickinson!!!! crazy whacky out of this world stupidity and BAD taste!!!! Come and witness two grown men drawing STOOPID pictures!!! It's cartoon madness!!!! Milk and Cereal will be provided!! bring your kids along and ruin their developing little brains forever!!!! Not only will Shawn and Sir Lluis be drawing silly pictures...there will also be original paintings, illustrations, cartoons, and COMICS to BUY! ...And the creators of these historical artifacts will SIGN THESE SILLY PICTURES!
Shawn Dickinson is sooo bored at home in California that he's flying out especially to be in Melbourne for the opening, you'll get to meet him and touch him!!!! Shawn Dickinson and Sir Lluis Fuzzhound will be at Kustom Lane on Sunday 5th of September drawing caricatures, monsters, crazy cars and other foolish stuff for fans!!!

Shawn Dickinson is probably best known for his drawing on the smash undeground hit comic 'Untamed Highway', now Shawn has gone solo and is flying high doing freelance work for rock 'n' roll bands, such as the Ghastly Ones and the Hexxers, he has done work for Car Kulture Deluxe among other publications. He is currently working on some comics to be out later in the year... he has been working hard to bring you his brand of super duper wacky fun cartoons to Kustom Lane!!!! so come down and enjoy!!!

You probably know Sir Lluis Fuzzhound's work from record covers such as Digger and the Pussycats, Los Chicos, Johnny Casino and the Secrets, Manic Pistoleros among others.... plus he has worked for brands such as Zak Surfboards, Stickerguy among many other brands that carry Sir Lluis' artwork, in this exhibiton you will be able to see what goes behind the idiot ideas, with original ink drawings, pencil roughs, printed posters and original paintings!!!

They might be bums...but they're bums that will go down in history, goddammit!

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