G'day Folks!

My friend Neil Sanders has just invited me to collaborate on his new web Loodeloop.org .
At the start of every month animators from around the web wide world are given a word for them to do a little loop animation to!!! so I grabbed this little animation I was working on (it's for a secret project... it still needs heaps of work!) and made a loop! what would the word be here??

please excuse the crappy quiality...!


Also been doing some new little paintings to sell son on my etsy store...

There are three more that I still need to finish... these are just a tease....

"The Grasshopper and the Mole" 1st run of 11 is gone!! but I'll be making more later this week!! so you can still order yours today!! I'll be hitting the stores later too.... Just been flat out so there has been no printing time!! heheh

Thanks for dropping by!

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