The Grasshopper & the Mole


I've been making making these little rough covers for my little wordless comic book called 'The Grasshopper & the Mole', I've been feeling like doing something for children, a bit innocent and also wordless!!

Yeah first I carves these rubber blocks up, remember if you are going to write anything be sure to do it backwards, like you would see it in a mirror.

Here you can see how I set up my printing studio on the kitchen table, I put a peice of wood so I wouldn't dirty it! I also cut to size the watercolour paper I'll be printing on.

Here I'm happy because it's working!!!!! after ruining a whole lot of good paper!!

Here are the ones that came out good! they are simple but I like 'em! real rough looking!!!

Here is the front cover!! looks like a 10 year old printed it!! awesome!

Turn over the front page and here is the first page..stylin'!

Here is a sneak peek at the artwork inside!!

I had a ball doing these!! There will be more!!!
if you would like to purchase one just go to my ETSY store!!


Also I just finished this poster for The Forgotten, the show is put on by in Hawaii.

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