Persecution Blues (The Battle For The Tote)

Punk, passion, politics and public protest collide, in this documentary depicting the fight to save rock and roll in Melbourne.

In 2010, the iconic Tote Hotel - last bastion of Melbourne’s vibrant music counterculture - was forced to close by unfair laws. Filmed over 7 years, “Persecution Blues” depicts the struggle of more than 20,000 fans - and the bands who inspire them - to preserve their history and protect their future, and puts the audience on the front line of an epic-scale culture war.

Just finished this poster last week for the Tote Documentary (click to enlarge), we will have A2 size screen prints of it for sale at the first public screening this Thursday at the Greater Union cinema in the city... I've been working on the film for over a year or two...? not sure? but it's finally finished!! I worked on titles and some little animations...
The first screening sold out in the first 24 hours, but I think they will be screening it later in the year at Nova cinemas here in Melbourne and director Natalie Van Den Dungen will be taking the doco around the world to film festivals and other places.. so have a look for it!! it will also later be release on DVD by Madman entertainment, if you would like to keep up to date with what's going on go to .

And Here is the trailer!!! enjoy!

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