Another year more art!

G'day Folks,

Hope everyone is having a great new year!

Just before new years I finished animating these bits for some friends of mine in Spain called " La Moto De Fernan" they're a great two piece! and the song is the shit!!! wish you english folk could understand the lyrics!!! they are a hoot!! I did the animation.

Crisitian, the drummer, lead singer, also has a blog about music and punk rock art stuff that makes me remember the great times I had back in Spain!! the web site is  check it out!!! and buy the fanzine!! I was interviewed in it!! hehehe here is the ad!

Promo La Maraca ilustrada from on Vimeo.

Also did this years Hot Rods To Hell poster for Devilles Pad in Perth.

Also finished the Money For Rope #4 single, it should be out soon!!! they wanted me to incorperate all other 3 covers... so this is what we came up with!!

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