Perth Times and back in Melbourne town!

Howdy Folks, 
Just drove into Melbourne town about 3 weeks ago, Crossing the nullabour was awesome!!! so crazy and wild and out in the middle of nowhere!!, when you're out there you know what is REALLY important!! NOTHING!

But yeah anyway here is this year's Kafre Teatre poster I did while in Perth. 

Also Got great NEWS!!!! my friends, from Spain, Los Chicos are coming back into town!! I did the tour poster for them!! come check them out!! my band Midnight Woolf will be playing on the Thursday 5th at Yah Yah's... there will be Kalimotxo for all!!!

While I was in Perth I did a little Exhibition at Hole In The Wall Gallery in Fremantle... I painted a whole bunch of watercolours for them, here is a couple photos of some of the pictures!

On the opening night a dude came up with a video camera wanting to film some stuff... I said yeah man no worries!! so this is what he came up with!! check it out!
Thanks Alex!

Also got some more crazy news!! my friend Rohan from Careless Navigator in putting out a Unholy Rabble Tiki Punkster mug which I designed....legendary Squid carved it!! and it looks so gad damn good!! thanks to everyone for their hard work!! check it out here!

Also Talking about Tiki, I'm working on some pictures for a Tiki show at Outre Gallery, in Melboure and Sydney... we don't have an opening dates yet but it'll be some time in May!! I'm excited!!!! so keep your ears up!

Also I did this little cartoon for my nephew Jan that lives in Spain... he's the funniest little dude I know!!


Also Got a couple of things I'll post real soon!! working on some more animation stuff and a couple of covers...some comics and posters....sorry I haven't posted stuff in a while... I've just been crazy busy!!

Catch yas!


  1. Llu! Lluis! That toon is brilliant! hahahahha. xx

  2. wow it literally superb cartoon characters!! funny and crazy designed!! T-Shirt Designs


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