Marooned On Watango Island

Howdy Folks!!

'Marooned On Watango Island' is up! check it out!!

Also for you art lovers. Here are three pieces that are still for sale at Outre Gallery, all the rest have gone to art heaven in someones home.

Please go to Outre Gallery  if you are interested in purchasing any of these original inks on paper.They are all under glass in awesome black bamboo frames.
They'll be happy to ship internationally too, just shoot them an email!

(excuse my crappy photos...)
Bongo Satori 41cm x 26.7cm ink on 300gm watercolour paper.

Found at Sea 26.7 cm x 21cm ink on 300gm watercolour paper.

Happy Holiday 26.7 cm x 41cm ink on 300gm watercolour paper.

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  1. just saw your film via cartoonbrew. hats off to you, I thought it was great

  2. I love all the stuff, cheers!


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