Are You Cockeyed?

Here is a the new cover for the Sydney based band The Dunhill Blues, Good funny guys!!! I had a real blast doing this one 'cos our stupid humor clicked real good and their idea suited me to a tea, it's not always like enjoy... the record should be out soon... look out for it!!

Here is an illustration I did for some party goers here in Melbourne, thay are organizing some gigs around town with the name El Trasho Loco, Midnight Woolf are keen to play there but the gods would not let it be so... we have to wait for a couple of months before we get back in the saddle and ride where our spirits can be free!!!!!

Last night at the GB (Great Brittain Hotel) in Richmond, Melbourne, Toby from The Hotel Wrecking City Traders came to see us play, we all a had a ball and laughed a lot, Toby gave me a copy of their brand new spanking DVD, with four Psyched out Experimental Dark as Hell songs recorded and filmed live at the East Brunswick Hotel. This is the illustration I did for them Last year some time I can't remember, but... Yeah they have used it for the cover of the DVD... so have a look out for it!