NEW Midnight Woolf Album!!!

Hey Peoples just got our new album in CD format fromthe guys at Off The Hip records last week.
Here is the cover...

Tropical Disease has the 12 songs you like us to play most!!! so you will have to buy it!!
here is a list of the songs to prove what I am talking about!
1. Who's Your Man?
2. My Libido.
3. Lost Again.
4. One Plus One.
5. Motor-Psycho Nightmare.
6. The Ballad of Frankie & Johnny.
7. Kinky Twitch.
8. Turn Me Loose.
9. River Swamp Stomp.
10. Oxygen.
11. Delicious.
12 Lost Highway.
As you can see the 'creme de la creme'!
And to celebrate we are heading off to Europe to muck around a little!!!

Now... for those of you who will be in Europe at that time here is the dates and places where we'll be playing.

October 2008
Thursday 30th, Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain.
Friday 31st, La Teteria, Halloween Party!, Ubeda, Spain.
November 2008
Saturday 1st, Freaktown, Cordoba, Spain.
Sunday 2nd, Magazine Club, Valencia, Spain.
Tuesday 4th, Biri Bay Club, LogroƱo (La Rioja), Spain.
Wednesday 5th, Mogambo, San Sebastian, Spain.
Thursday 6th, Mondo Bizzarro, Rennes, France.
Friday 7th, Pootgebouw, Rotterdam. Holland.
Saturday 8th, Pacific Parc, Amsterdam, Holland.

It's gonna be two weeks but intense ones!! hehe!!

Also!!!! for those of you who like Vinyl, hold on because we have just what you crave!!!! we will be picking up a load of Tropical Disease 12" in Spain to take with us on tour!! For those of you here in Australia you'll have to wait till we come back... sorry...

AND also I have, with and thanks to Jerome Rush, silk screened some 60 pretty dirty sexy posters... they remind me of old printed comics!! I have found my calling!!! hehehe!!! talking of comics for those of you who like surfing!... I have a little surprise for you that involves comics and surfing... but we'll keep that for another post for now take a look at these posters...

We printed up 17 mustard coloured green ones and 22 red. There are also some 2nd class ones but I'm keeping those ones....They are all printed on 270 grm cardboard, all numbered and singed, I am selling them for $25AU each... pretty cheap, this does not inclued packaging and postage.... so if you would like one just drop me a line to with the subject Silk Screen. You're tops!