We're............back.........heh ehe ehe

Howdy folks... well we got back last week from our European tour and we've been trying to get back to normal... but after so much running a muck it's hard to sit down and just draw...the tour turned out really good though....and... I haven't laughed so much in my life!!! hahaha!!! there are so many little stories... hehehe.. I think we all had a balst!!! It would be good to write them down and do a little comic about it, but I have mixed feeling about doing something autobiographical... dunno? we'll see...

Also here is the first big sketch I did after some quick thumbnail sketches, I changed the face. his posture too is more leaned back relaxed and not so eager leanign foward, the angle of the car is also different, any other differences.. pick them out ... there are many!

...Anyway that's the latest little thing I done (finished it this morning), Both Screwtop Detonator and Midnight Woolf are launching our respective records on the 6th of December at The Tote Hotel, Melbourne. Both CD's are put out through Off the Hip, Midnight Woolf also have vinyl which we put out ourselves, it's beautifull!
Here is a photo that our friend Pat the Headsucker has taken of his beautifull copy, he is a happy man!! why not get yourself a copy today!!