Struttin' to some cool music!

Yeah well here is a little thing I worked on yesterday... I had been meaning to study and copy the 10X Double Bounce Walk from Flip the Frog animation tutorial that John K so generously put up on his Blog ages ago,

so I took it, studied it and now I feel a bit closer to understanding how this animation thing works...

looking at my walk though I see that Flip the Frog has more of a bounce and that I should have exagerated a little bit more the poses,maybe distortioned the form a little more... but really I wasn't ready to do that... because I am only starting to understand the mechanics if the animation.... but I will repeat this walk and apply it to whole range of characters!!! it's the best WALK there is! everybody should walk like this!

The great music is from Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics. By Sol K. Bright.