Here is a new poster I did for Kustom Lanes up coming exhibition.... FREAKSHOW!!! (the Art Of The Warped Mind) I'll have some paintings of freaks there for sale so come on down!! it will be on Friday the 13th of March, with heaps of other artists!!! I'll let yous know as soon as I know who's coming!

Ohh yeah!! Yesterdays fund raiser was really good, I think we reached our goal of $10 000, and we all had a merry old time, so thank to everyone that came and Tony for setting it up!!

Also here is a surfboard Zak gave to me for my duties as cartoonist for his company, we have some stuff in the works that I'll let you know about as soon as we got something happening.


  1. EGAD! That surfboard art is GREAT! Man, we are like kindred souls!

  2. We'll heck dude, I'll be in Melbourne then, no shit!
    I'm an old Ballaratian/Melbournite
    I've put that day aside to see friends, If I have some time spare I'll try to get along.
    They might be up for it, they're animators...

    Thanks for the comment.
    There's lots of artists around, more into film up here. But not on the blogspot.
    Maybe I'll do some searching to find local blogspot talent.
    Melbourne's full of it, but on the blog, I don't know:)
    I think I saw somewhere you're from Bendigo originally..?

    Great surf fink style artwork too!