Just a little animation thing.

Here is a little clip I've been working on, it has no story or nothing, but I'm doing it as an exercise to learn to use Flash more than anything and to animate to music, I've still got heaps to learn but I am having the funnest time!!
I also put some shit effect on Adobe After Effects that I don't really like now!! ohh well? also I have to work on the backgrounds and so and so on!!
I love the music on this, it's by Parham–Pickett Apollo Syncopaters (W/ "Tiny" Parham & Junie C. Cobb) and the song is called Mojo Strut, ever since I heard it I thought, something need to be animated to this, it's just so jiving and fun! there is heaps more to the song!
hope you like it!


  1. Haha! Great!!!!

    Love the music too!

  2. I need this glass !
    Full, empty after drinking, then full again as soon as you put it back !
    Ahahah !

  3. Love the swishing around in the mouth and the old dudes timing with the tune.

    Hey sorry I didn't get to meet ya at the kustom gallery.
    There were many friends I didn't get a chance to catch up with on my visit.

    Though I did go on the saturday and saw your work. Talking arsehole being my favourite.

    Next time!

  4. buen trabajo, enhorabuena! esteticamente quedó muy bien, corto, pero esa calada enamora.. puta madre!