Old Man Walkin'

Hello people here is a little walk cycle I did for that one minute cartoon I told you about, this is so much fun!!! anyway in the finished thing, it will be a different background, but just for now it's OK!


  1. Haha! Great walk cycle!

    I like the mood this has, with the black & white colors. Very surreal 1930's!

    Love the characters in the previous post too! Especially the Nazi! Is that surfer dude inspired by Rick Griffin?

  2. Ahahah ! Great stuff ! I enjoy your drawings... And really like the thrilling way this old man walks.
    Thanks, and excuse my english, sir : I'm just french...

  3. Yeah Shawn, I showed Palzzi the Nazi to this surfshop I'm doignt some designes for and the y said " mmmm.... uh No, we can put a Nazi on our products... " I told them it was Surf tradition!!! hell!

    and Hello Yod@ I'm glad you enjoyed that guys walk, hey and you write really good English!!!