Tattoo Design for Campbell

Running with the theme of Tattoos, here is a little design I did for my Tiki sculptor friend Campbell from Watango Productions here in Melbourne, he is an awesome sculptor, really likes traditional Tiki sculpting, I went to his shack a while back and it's so rad, there are some pics of his sculptures on his Tiki Central page... check it out! and buy one!


  1. That's really cool!!! Did he get the tattoo yet?

    I went to see his sculptures...those tikis are awesome!!! He does great work!

  2. Yeah his stuff is awesome... your paintings will be next to his stuff in the Tiki Tantrum exhibition!! I just sent your pictures to get framed, I'll send you a pick when they are done...
    He hasn't got it tattoed yet but when he does I'll post it!!

  3. Eres mi macarra favorito ajajajajajaja