Secret Project Uncovered + Johnny Casino & The Secrets, NEW album artwork.

Howdy folks!

Well the secret project I was working on was some artwork for Laura Imbruglia, she's putting together an album with artwork by Ray Ahn from the Hard -Ons, myself and somebody else I don't know the name of... sorry! It's all based on Mad magazine so it was
lot's of fun I still have one peice I have to finish for's a real honor to be among pages with the art of Ray Ahn, I grew up looking at his stuff!!! can't wait to see the finished thing!

Here are some detail picks, CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

I've also been working on the artwork for the soon to be released Johnny Casino & The Sectrets LIVE on 3PBS 107.6FM .
Here is the front cover. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

and here is the back cover. CLICK TO ENLARGE.