Back in the Studio


Just got back in the studio, finishing off bits and bobs I’ve got laying around…
I’ll have some things to show soon… I have a lot of projects that need my attention at the moment and hopefully I will them all out later this year… you can’t rush fun!
But for now here are some silly pictures I’ve been drawing.
This top one is in done in Procreate on IPad. 
The one below is pencil on paper.

For anyone starting to draw I always recommend starting with a pencil, and paper… an eraser is optional!
It’s cheap, fast and good! They say you can only choose 2 of the 3 but pencil and paper has all three! 
It is natural to have exceptions.

And this bottom one is also in Procreate. I drew this one while I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago while I was enjoying the sun and imagining the a cold snap coming from Antartica…