Kicks Books intro

I just finished this little clip for Kicks Books , Main character was designed by Avi Spivak.
If you can click on HD on youtube settings to watch at a higher resolution.

I have some more animation coming soon. Stay posted!


You deserve More!

Here is little short film I made for fun! As you can see it's called you Deserve More!

Yep that's me talking, playing the drums and guitar... it sure was hard playing and talking at the same time but drawing each individual frame as well with pencils in my ears was killer!!


Wedding Small Talk

Here is a little comic I finished inking today... I hate weddings so don't invite me. I wish you all the best!

Click on image to make bigger!

Howdy Folks,

Been busy working on a new little cartoon short... It's almost finished! It's called "You Deserve More" can't say much more about it than I recorded the music as well as the vocals...hehehe fun stuff!

I've also been busy doing artwork for bands,

Here is some T-shirt/sticker designs for some friends of mine from Valencia!

And this bottom one is for Japanese band 'The Routes' it's for their 7"single that is just about to come out!