Too Dumb To Die - Cosmic Psychos new film clip

I just finished this film clip for the Cosmic Psychos’ new son ‘Too Dumb To Die’. It is my homage to Chuck Jones’ RoadRunner. I had a really good time working on this, I did all the animation, backgrounds, and direction. Most on the animation was straight ahead inking... the idea was to bust it out... I really think there is something magical about working fast without thinking much... we’re not making art but just having fun. Anywho you can watch it above!

The Jan & Rai Show

So a couple of years ago BES Animation and I were able to secure some funding from ACTF (Australian Children's Television Foundation) to produce a 3.30 min short cartoon teaser. We created 'The Jan & Rai Show'!
I directed, designed & animated it, my brother Raul Fuzz did the music, Tex Perkins did the voice of Mount Mingus, Jessica Hopcraft and Kylie Coufos did many of the voices too! We had a really great time! Anyhow here is the whole teaser for you to watch! Please like and share if you want! Cheers!

Jan & Rai Show Teaser from Lluis Fuzzhound on Vimeo.

They Done Scruffy Wrong Chapter 1 & 2

'They Done Scruffy Wrong' CHAPTER 1 & 2 are now available on my Etsy Store.
A wordless comic about displacement, revenge and self discovery.
Each copy has 36 black and white pages.
Made in Melbourne, Australia. 
Can ship anywhere.

'They Done Scruffy Wrong' Chapter 1 out now!

'They Done Scruffy Wrong' A wordless comic about displacement, revenge and self discovery. Chapter 1 out now! Scruffy will be appearing at The Festival of the Photocopier Zine fair Melbourne Town Hall, on the 12th of Feb, that is this Sunday! from 12 noon to 5pm! See you there!

Cosmic Psychos - Bum For Grubs

Just finished this cartoon for the Psychos last week... (It's not child friendly)

Finished this little card for my good friends newly born baby! Love you guys!

Ohh Susana

Here is little quick cartoon I made with part of Don Charles' singing dogs.

Had heaps of fun with just doing quick rough animation.

The High Learys - Two To Match

the new High Learys film clip I just finished a couple of weeks ago!

I had a ball doing this one! Animation is so much fun!

Kicks Books intro

I just finished this little clip for Kicks Books , Main character was designed by Avi Spivak.
If you can click on HD on youtube settings to watch at a higher resolution.

I have some more animation coming soon. Stay posted!


You deserve More!

Here is little short film I made for fun! As you can see it's called you Deserve More!

Yep that's me talking, playing the drums and guitar... it sure was hard playing and talking at the same time but drawing each individual frame as well with pencils in my ears was killer!!


Wedding Small Talk

Here is a little comic I finished inking today... I hate weddings so don't invite me. I wish you all the best!

Click on image to make bigger!

Kustom Lane Gallery Exhibition

I just finished this poster for Kustom Lane's last show for the year...

I'm also working on new pictures for a show at Galeria Valle Orti next year, here is a detail of a little shit painting....

Yesterday my friends Megan and Otto came down from Brisbane and got this Tattooed on them!!! They are getting Married!!! I'll post the photos of how the Tattoos came out real soon!! My wife did the Tattooing.

Car Kulture Deluxe + Wrong Turn T-shirt


Last week I was all busy finishing a centrespread for Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine... I don't know in what issue it will appear in... so keep an eye out for it. Thanks to Anna Marco for diggin my art and chasing me up! I dug doing this car so much I'm working on some T-shirt designs for Kustom Lane...They'll have the craziest old school cars with the beastiest of engines you could imagine!!! I'll let you know when they are ready...

I've also been working on a Wrong Turn T-shirt that they'll have ready for their album launch in October... so go down there and enjoy their two peice wild rock 'n' roll!!!

Ahhhh.. I almost forgot, I also drew up these two warner bros. cartoon characters from the episodes Hyde and Hare & Hair-Raising Hare for Dante to get Tattooed... they were fun to do!