They Done Scruffy Wrong

 Here is a little animated clip my brother Raul Sanchez Jorge and I did.

He made the music and I animated it.

We made this in 2017...except some extra music RaĆ¼l added yesterday.

I always enjoy drawing Scruffy... it’s fast lose and crazy! Anything is possible!

You can purchase the comic series at https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/lluisfuzzhound

Below are the first panels to the comic for you to compare with the animated clip. As you can see I took some liberties with it... felt like I had to add some extra time to build a bit of tension. It’s a fun exercise to do. I find writing stories equal parts frustrating and exciting! 



My ongoing WORDLESS comic series ‘They Done Scruffy Wrong’ is back up on my Etsy store.

Here are some pages from the comic series.




 I just launched a Patreon today.

Fuzzhound Friday Funnies, 

There will be NEW Digital comics dropping every Friday plus some screwball animation and other special things... maybe some original artwork...? Special edition paper comics? We’ll see...
Hope you stick around!
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Online cartooning workshop

 I was  asked by the City if Greater Dandenong to do a little course on cartooning,..then Covid hit so it had to be online.

If you’d like to learn how to draw Cartoon Character Expressions Draw along with this video.

Thank for watching!