They done Scruffy Wrong promo clip

Here is a little clip I animated yesterday with the music of my brother Raul Sanchez. This stuff is so much fun to do... it's silly and I don't need any body's approval... not even yours! hahaha! Thanks for watching! If you are interested in following the series, you can buy chapters here https://www.etsy.com/shop/lluisfuzzhound

Work on Chapter 5 has begun...Stuff is gonna go down!! BEWARE!!!!


Too Dumb To Die - Cosmic Psychos new film clip

I just finished this film clip for the Cosmic Psychos’ new son ‘Too Dumb To Die’. It is my homage to Chuck Jones’ RoadRunner. I had a really good time working on this, I did all the animation, backgrounds, and direction. Most on the animation was straight ahead inking... the idea was to bust it out... I really think there is something magical about working fast without thinking much... we’re not making art but just having fun. Anywho you can watch it above!


Dracula Meets Scruffy

Dracula Meets Scruffy from Lluis Fuzzhound on Vimeo.

Here is a little film my brother and I made.


The Jan & Rai Show

So a couple of years ago BES Animation and I were able to secure some funding from ACTF (Australian Children's Television Foundation) to produce a 3.30 min short cartoon teaser. We created 'The Jan & Rai Show'!
I directed, designed & animated it, my brother Raul Fuzz did the music, Tex Perkins did the voice of Mount Mingus, Jessica Hopcraft and Kylie Coufos did many of the voices too! We had a really great time! Anyhow here is the whole teaser for you to watch! Please like and share if you want! Cheers!

Jan & Rai Show Teaser from Lluis Fuzzhound on Vimeo.