Struttin' to some cool music!

Yeah well here is a little thing I worked on yesterday... I had been meaning to study and copy the 10X Double Bounce Walk from Flip the Frog animation tutorial that John K so generously put up on his Blog ages ago,

so I took it, studied it and now I feel a bit closer to understanding how this animation thing works...

looking at my walk though I see that Flip the Frog has more of a bounce and that I should have exagerated a little bit more the poses,maybe distortioned the form a little more... but really I wasn't ready to do that... because I am only starting to understand the mechanics if the animation.... but I will repeat this walk and apply it to whole range of characters!!! it's the best WALK there is! everybody should walk like this!

The great music is from Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics. By Sol K. Bright.



On top here is the First of my attempts to colour the poster, as you can see I went bazerk on it with colour... I thought it was too computery, so I went for a more old fashioned limited colour poster, I still don't know which one I like more though... I chose the later one because it was easier to work with, my computer couldn't hack the wight of the first, also I think if I had painted it by hand I would probably like it even more!!! anyway this computer inking and stuff, I'm not much of a fan! I'll stick to raw materials!
You can click on images to see bigger!


STICKERS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Hey Wallnut!
Some stickers of mine are now availavble from Stickerguy.com.... so if you are keen to stick stickers all over the place just give it crack right HERE!!!!!!!
There are two pages full of Black and White Kisscut stickers for your enjoyment!!
Shipping is worldwide, so for those of you who live in Mongolia there is no need to worry!!!!!



It's that time again... Kafre Teatre TIME!, but this time I have decided to try some new stuff out... The drawing above is the sketch for the poster.
So... I read in Brian Romero's Blog about inking in Adobe Illustrator, and I thought that that was kind of interesting, then John K said something about getting a job cleaning Jim Smith drawings, which I reackon are awsome!! hehehe.... so I gave it a go but because I'm a bit of computer neanderthal I cleaned them up using a pencil and a light box... yeah!?, I had a look at the people that John K was talking about and I noticed that they all had used Illustrator as well, so I thought let's give this a go, so my brother in law who's a bit of computer junky, brought me a copy of illustrator and a kind guy that I know that is a computer graphics illustrator, gave me his pen tablet thing which he didn't need, so I've been playing around with it a bit, first I did some Flash animation stuff with the pen... and now I'm having a go at inking with illustrator... I think it's looking pretty good... but it's bloody time consuming and this sitting infront of the coputer all day is driving me a bit out of my mind!

Hope you like it, I like how it's looking but like everything now a days, computer's give you the possiblity to be too much of a perfectionist and that kind of bores me, but hey it's good to learn things.

Here aree some close ups... when I finish it... I'll give you a geeze at how it turns out...

see ya!


We're............back.........heh ehe ehe

Howdy folks... well we got back last week from our European tour and we've been trying to get back to normal... but after so much running a muck it's hard to sit down and just draw...the tour turned out really good though....and... I haven't laughed so much in my life!!! hahaha!!! there are so many little stories... hehehe.. I think we all had a balst!!! It would be good to write them down and do a little comic about it, but I have mixed feeling about doing something autobiographical... dunno? we'll see...

Also here is the first big sketch I did after some quick thumbnail sketches, I changed the face. his posture too is more leaned back relaxed and not so eager leanign foward, the angle of the car is also different, any other differences.. pick them out ... there are many!

...Anyway that's the latest little thing I done (finished it this morning), Both Screwtop Detonator and Midnight Woolf are launching our respective records on the 6th of December at The Tote Hotel, Melbourne. Both CD's are put out through Off the Hip, Midnight Woolf also have vinyl which we put out ourselves, it's beautifull!
Here is a photo that our friend Pat the Headsucker has taken of his beautifull copy, he is a happy man!! why not get yourself a copy today!!


NEW Midnight Woolf Album!!!

Hey Peoples just got our new album in CD format fromthe guys at Off The Hip records last week.
Here is the cover...

Tropical Disease has the 12 songs you like us to play most!!! so you will have to buy it!!
here is a list of the songs to prove what I am talking about!
1. Who's Your Man?
2. My Libido.
3. Lost Again.
4. One Plus One.
5. Motor-Psycho Nightmare.
6. The Ballad of Frankie & Johnny.
7. Kinky Twitch.
8. Turn Me Loose.
9. River Swamp Stomp.
10. Oxygen.
11. Delicious.
12 Lost Highway.
As you can see the 'creme de la creme'!
And to celebrate we are heading off to Europe to muck around a little!!!

Now... for those of you who will be in Europe at that time here is the dates and places where we'll be playing.

October 2008
Thursday 30th, Wurlitzer Ballroom, Madrid, Spain.
Friday 31st, La Teteria, Halloween Party!, Ubeda, Spain.
November 2008
Saturday 1st, Freaktown, Cordoba, Spain.
Sunday 2nd, Magazine Club, Valencia, Spain.
Tuesday 4th, Biri Bay Club, LogroƱo (La Rioja), Spain.
Wednesday 5th, Mogambo, San Sebastian, Spain.
Thursday 6th, Mondo Bizzarro, Rennes, France.
Friday 7th, Pootgebouw, Rotterdam. Holland.
Saturday 8th, Pacific Parc, Amsterdam, Holland.

It's gonna be two weeks but intense ones!! hehe!!

Also!!!! for those of you who like Vinyl, hold on because we have just what you crave!!!! we will be picking up a load of Tropical Disease 12" in Spain to take with us on tour!! For those of you here in Australia you'll have to wait till we come back... sorry...

AND also I have, with and thanks to Jerome Rush, silk screened some 60 pretty dirty sexy posters... they remind me of old printed comics!! I have found my calling!!! hehehe!!! talking of comics for those of you who like surfing!... I have a little surprise for you that involves comics and surfing... but we'll keep that for another post for now take a look at these posters...

We printed up 17 mustard coloured green ones and 22 red. There are also some 2nd class ones but I'm keeping those ones....They are all printed on 270 grm cardboard, all numbered and singed, I am selling them for $25AU each... pretty cheap, this does not inclued packaging and postage.... so if you would like one just drop me a line to kangurofandango@yahoo.es with the subject Silk Screen. You're tops!


Flamin Fingers!!!

Hey check this out!!! this a group exhibition called The Flamin Fingers - I was A Teenage Warewolf Ilustrator-.
The exhibition includes Mr Bratto, Mik Baro, Isabel Santana, El Nerdo, Luis Demano & myself.
Those of you who will be in Valencia for the Funtastic Dracula Carnival!!! where the Mummies are playing!!!! Don't miss the opening, there you will be able to see, the original drawings of some of your favourite record covers!!! Rock 'n' Roll posters, Tattoo designs, and weird paintings... also Mr Bratto will be slappin on the records like there was no tomorrow!! to get you jivin'!!! so don't miss out!!!
here is the info!
At Magatzems wall&video c/ Turia 53 Valencia
from the 9th of Octubre untill the 9th of November, 2008.
opening is at 7:30 pm

The poster was desinged by Luis Demano


A Little somethin'

Here is the last Sintoma Skateboard Graphic, they should be ready in October, I have some more news coming soon, but this is all for now!
thanks for dropping by!


Sintoma Skateboards & Tym Guitars

Howdy folks!

Just been finishing off the Sintoma Skateboards... one more to go!!

and finishing off the Midnight Woolf record!!! hahaha it's gonna be a laugh! meanwhile here's a T-shirt design I did for Tym Guitars... the best guitar shop in Austalia I say!!! he's in Brisbane, we went up there for a wild weekend a few months ago, and Tim lent us guitars and stuff and made us feel at home...such a cool NEW shop!! gotta do it again soon!

I just got a T-shirt from him and the Silk Screening turned out really good... so if you would like one just go HERE and order one in.



About a week ago I received from skatepaige.com an uncut, no holes blank skateboard... it was quick easy and real good. so I got my jigsaw out and traced an old Natas Kaupas I have which is dear to my heart and then I added a bit of extra nose... now I'm painting it and it should be ready to be ridden this week!! can't wait.

Are You Cockeyed?

Here is a the new cover for the Sydney based band The Dunhill Blues, Good funny guys!!! I had a real blast doing this one 'cos our stupid humor clicked real good and their idea suited me to a tea, it's not always like that..so enjoy... the record should be out soon... look out for it!!

Here is an illustration I did for some party goers here in Melbourne, thay are organizing some gigs around town with the name El Trasho Loco, Midnight Woolf are keen to play there but the gods would not let it be so... we have to wait for a couple of months before we get back in the saddle and ride where our spirits can be free!!!!!

Last night at the GB (Great Brittain Hotel) in Richmond, Melbourne, Toby from The Hotel Wrecking City Traders came to see us play, we all a had a ball and laughed a lot, Toby gave me a copy of their brand new spanking DVD, with four Psyched out Experimental Dark as Hell songs recorded and filmed live at the East Brunswick Hotel. This is the illustration I did for them Last year some time I can't remember, but... Yeah they have used it for the cover of the DVD... so have a look out for it!


New Stuff

G'day Peoples!!!! Sorry for not posting stuff in while!! been busy as a one armed bricklayer in china!!
Here is one of four skateboard designs I'm doing for Sintoma Skateboards in Valencia, Spain! They'll be out later in the year, and most probably only be able to buy 'em in Spain, although maybe through the internet?

I've also been trying some animation stuff with Flash and I'm really happy and inspired so when I have stuff ready I'll let you's all know when it's up on Youtube, real busy though so I don't know when it will be finished!!


Comic exhibition

G'day Friends,
If your in Amsterdam on the 7th & 8th of June you will be able to check out some posters I have for sale and on exhibition at the Pheonix13..... this top one ain't one of mine, it's the flier for the show... I don't know who did it, if you do could you let me know in the comments? thank you.


Also will be bands as you can see up on the flier... VERY IMPORTANT!! The Fragaplatos are playing to go check them out!!!! wish I was there!!!

This painting has nothing to do with the event, I just thought it would be nice to post a painting you wouldn't of seen!


Monobrow Show at Hell's Gallery

Here's a picture I just finished today, it's for a group show at Hell's Gallery,31 MAY – 21 JUNE 2008
OPENING FRIDAY 30 MAY, 6PM TIL LATE (5a Railway Place, Richmond, Melbourne.)

The show's theme are artists self portraits with a monobrow.... I guess I got it wrong and did myself with my parents!!! All works are for sale so come down! even if you don't intend on buying anything!!

Here is a poster for GAFFSTOCK a three day festival!!! with lot's of bands!!! it's gonna be a rip snorter weekend!! it's at IDGAFF, 160 Hoddle st, Abbotsford, Melbourne. If you would like more info go HERE we are playing on Saturday night!! can't wait!
I just finished the drawing this weekend!

So come along!



Crazy Weekend in Melbourne!!!!

Here are two posters I've drawn up this week, if your in Melbourne on 23rd or 24th of May, come down for the shows... I asure you you will have a ball!!!!


G'day peoples!!
I'm back in Australia!! our trip to Valencia was all fun!!! I talked to Sintoma Skateboards there and I'm going to do four more skateboard illustrations for them!!!, here is photo of two skateboards I designed for them about two years ago, don't take any notice of the idiot in the middle.

The Spazzys artwork is all done only need to add the barcode and all them things, but it should go into be pressed soon!! so watch out!! 24 full colour pages!!! ohh how pretty!!!


Spazzys Cover almost ready!!

Thie is a sneak preview of an illustrtion I done for the Spazzys!! New album out soon!!



STICKERGUY! celebrates his 15th birthday!!! these BLOODY teenagers!!!

For News on the event just click HERE!!!

looks like it's gonna be a BLAST!!!!


Digger & The Pussycats

I have just finished the arwork for the new Digger & The Pussycats record, & here is the cover!

They're having the launch on Wednesday 5th of March at the Cherry bar, in the city (Melbourne), DON"T MISS IT!! They are also heading out to Europe in late March... you can check out their tour dates HERE

the record is brought out by Spooky Records, the CD contains 10 tracks + 10 full page illustrations that I whipped up while suffering from lack of sleep...I received it this week in the mail and I'm very happy with how it looks...I was all worried about the colours as I always worry working with a computer (I'm a bit of a neanderthal when it comes to computers). They are also getting some Vinyl copies in Germany through P-Trash Records, the cover will be silk screened!!! so I'm very keen to get a copy of that. The 10 inside illustrations will not be icluded.


New Stuff Comin!!

sorry for not posting stuff in a while, I've been real busy doing artwork for the new Digger & The Pussycats album, CHECK 'EM OUT new album is gonna be out soon!! but for the meanwhile I'm just gonna post this poster I did for a show ( last Year) Midnight Woolf played with Nation Blue at The Tote Hotel, there were 50 Silk Screened poster printed up, I think they all sold, so yeah enjoy here!!
Soon will put up some Digger & The Pussycats artwork!! for you to enjoy and see what I've been doing!!
have agood one!