Car Kulture Deluxe + Wrong Turn T-shirt


Last week I was all busy finishing a centrespread for Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine... I don't know in what issue it will appear in... so keep an eye out for it. Thanks to Anna Marco for diggin my art and chasing me up! I dug doing this car so much I'm working on some T-shirt designs for Kustom Lane...They'll have the craziest old school cars with the beastiest of engines you could imagine!!! I'll let you know when they are ready...

I've also been working on a Wrong Turn T-shirt that they'll have ready for their album launch in October... so go down there and enjoy their two peice wild rock 'n' roll!!!

Ahhhh.. I almost forgot, I also drew up these two warner bros. cartoon characters from the episodes Hyde and Hare & Hair-Raising Hare for Dante to get Tattooed... they were fun to do!


NEW Tym Guitars Fuzz Pedal!

G'day Folks!!! look at how excited I am about my NEW "Howlin Woolf" Fuzz Pedal, by Tym guitars, it's got the drawing I did for him silk screened on it, I tried it out yesterday with the whole band blaring!!! and it's one mean fuzz!!! Get yours today!!!! If there was a nuclear holocaust this pedal would still be around, it's one steardy peice of fuzz!! I think the Russians are trying get Tim to build their new tanks!!!
First show back this Saturday! we'll be on around 11ish, but come and see the Swamplands and Manic Pistoleros they're real good! looking forward to it!!

Here are some closer picks!




On top here you have a poster for the return of Midnight Woolf, we've just had a pretty long break, our first show back, as you can see, will be on the 26th of September with the Manic Pistoleros and Swamplands, the show is at IDGAFF (160 Hoddle st, Abbotsford). I finished it today with watercolours and ink.....

below is the pencils roughs for it....

and down here is the colour guide I did with crayons....

See ya!


Tiki Tantrum + Laura Embrulia Artwork

howdy folks!

Well the time has come for another Kustom Lane show, I just finished the poster today... The show will be on the 30th of August and will run till the 27th of September... the show will inclued Tiki Beat, Watango Productions, Big Toe, Shawn Dickinson, Paul Huges, Tiki Dave, RAT, Kid Tiki, Wayne Reeve, Dave Kohlman, Mr Z and more!!!

but anyhow now I'm going to see if I can finish some painting for the exhibition...
If you can't make it to the opening check out the www.kustomlane.com for info on their timetable....

down the bottom here is another peice for Laura Embruglia...it's meant to look like a movie poster.... it's was good fun doing!!

see ya!


A Day in the Life of Luis Demano

Here's a little cartoon I did yesterday for a good friend of mine and great artist Luis Demano.


Secret Project Uncovered + Johnny Casino & The Secrets, NEW album artwork.

Howdy folks!

Well the secret project I was working on was some artwork for Laura Imbruglia, she's putting together an album with artwork by Ray Ahn from the Hard -Ons, myself and somebody else I don't know the name of... sorry! It's all based on Mad magazine so it was
lot's of fun I still have one peice I have to finish for her....it's a real honor to be among pages with the art of Ray Ahn, I grew up looking at his stuff!!! can't wait to see the finished thing!

Here are some detail picks, CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

I've also been working on the artwork for the soon to be released Johnny Casino & The Sectrets LIVE on 3PBS 107.6FM .
Here is the front cover. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

and here is the back cover. CLICK TO ENLARGE.


Happy Go Lucky CARTOON

Here's alittle cartoon I whipped up yesterday!


Poster for Kustom Lane

Opening is at 2pm on the 26th of July and will be on till the 12th of August.
KUSTOM LANE GALLERY (8 Lunton lane Hawthorn)


Tattoo Design for Campbell

Running with the theme of Tattoos, here is a little design I did for my Tiki sculptor friend Campbell from Watango Productions here in Melbourne, he is an awesome sculptor, really likes traditional Tiki sculpting, I went to his shack a while back and it's so rad, there are some pics of his sculptures on his Tiki Central page... check it out! and buy one!


New Tattoo!!

Howdy People!!

I saw a new drawing by one of my favourite cartoonist in these post modern times, Shawn Dickinson, and I just had to get it layed on my skin!! see the original picture of it over at Shawn's blog.

My lovely wife Isabel Santana did the sewing check out her stuff!!



An Ad for Zak Surfboards


Two more Zak Designs!

These designs plus the others below will be available on boards and T-shirts very soon! so have a look out for them!




Howdy Folks!!

Here is a poster I did for the upcoming Kustom Lane Show THE ATOMIC AGE, it opens Saturday 2nd of May at 2pm in the arvo and it's on till the 24th of May, so if you can't make it to the opening come some other time, there will be copies of the poster for sale with other bits and peices I am doing for the show.

I've been drawing heaps of stuff but I can't show it just yet, It's got to do with surfboards... well.... you can take a look at these pencil drawing but I have changed Palazzi the surf NAZI a bit in this bottom drawing, the legs were looking funny.... so I changed them (you'll see when I post the inked versions.

And here is a little sketch for a board that is supposed to be called "THE FREAK" but I've got this idea about a mutant surfer so maybe we could call the board "THE MUTANT" we'll see.

Also here is a drawing I did, I still have to ink it but it's for a Melbourne Board Repairs sticker, but I'm not 100% sure because I really wanted to draw some crazy scene inside their workshed, which I'm hoping on Monday I'll be able to go in and study some of the stuff they have there, so I don't know if I'll ink this drawing, maybe just for fun...

Later on I'll post the paintings I've done for the Kustom Lane exhibition, I've got them drawn out but I still need to paint them, so stay tuned!!


Can't Slow down!

Sorry I haven't been posting stuff in awhile been pretty busy I'll have some stuff to show soon, All of a sudden just gotten crazy busy around these parts, so yeah I'll post some stuff soon!!!

Well these bottom drawing I took into Zak Surfboards in Thornbury and he really liked them so I'm doing some other stuff I've been busy on , I'll show you when I have it all finished, The bottom drawing is the beginning of a small Bo Savage comic I'm working on, ohhh I'm having such a good time!!! hehehehehe!!!!!
I'm also working on the new Kustom Lane exhibition poster.... THE ATOMIC AGE!!!! will have this ready next week some time, and also working on Serafin animation.... if you click on the Image up the top it's GIF that will walk n stuff, so yeah enjoy and see ya soon!


Just a little animation thing.

Here is a little clip I've been working on, it has no story or nothing, but I'm doing it as an exercise to learn to use Flash more than anything and to animate to music, I've still got heaps to learn but I am having the funnest time!!
I also put some shit effect on Adobe After Effects that I don't really like now!! ohh well? also I have to work on the backgrounds and so and so on!!
I love the music on this, it's by Parham–Pickett Apollo Syncopaters (W/ "Tiny" Parham & Junie C. Cobb) and the song is called Mojo Strut, ever since I heard it I thought, something need to be animated to this, it's just so jiving and fun! there is heaps more to the song!
hope you like it!


Old Man Walkin'

Hello people here is a little walk cycle I did for that one minute cartoon I told you about, this is so much fun!!! anyway in the finished thing, it will be a different background, but just for now it's OK!


He Ho! BO!!

Hello People!

I present Bo Savage, the surfin cannibal!!

Plus some other characters, I still have to work on....

This guy up top is Palazzi The Nazi, will he be Bo's friend or foe?

And I don't know what will happen to this surfin Elvis but we'll let him hang around, kind of reminds me of the Elvis interpretor at Camberwell Market... have you seen the guy, I remember him from high school... he'd carry his battery powered stereo playing thash metal full Vol. and he'd sing to it, he would frequent Box Hill Station, that's where I met him... He's really out there!!! but he's a nice guy!