Just a little animation thing.

Here is a little clip I've been working on, it has no story or nothing, but I'm doing it as an exercise to learn to use Flash more than anything and to animate to music, I've still got heaps to learn but I am having the funnest time!!
I also put some shit effect on Adobe After Effects that I don't really like now!! ohh well? also I have to work on the backgrounds and so and so on!!
I love the music on this, it's by Parham–Pickett Apollo Syncopaters (W/ "Tiny" Parham & Junie C. Cobb) and the song is called Mojo Strut, ever since I heard it I thought, something need to be animated to this, it's just so jiving and fun! there is heaps more to the song!
hope you like it!


Old Man Walkin'

Hello people here is a little walk cycle I did for that one minute cartoon I told you about, this is so much fun!!! anyway in the finished thing, it will be a different background, but just for now it's OK!


He Ho! BO!!

Hello People!

I present Bo Savage, the surfin cannibal!!

Plus some other characters, I still have to work on....

This guy up top is Palazzi The Nazi, will he be Bo's friend or foe?

And I don't know what will happen to this surfin Elvis but we'll let him hang around, kind of reminds me of the Elvis interpretor at Camberwell Market... have you seen the guy, I remember him from high school... he'd carry his battery powered stereo playing thash metal full Vol. and he'd sing to it, he would frequent Box Hill Station, that's where I met him... He's really out there!!! but he's a nice guy!


It's a Monster Holiday

Howdy Folks!

Here's a little thing I've been working on, I'm having the funest time!!! hahaha, I know it's not the greatest animation but hey it sure makes me laugh! hehe
so yeah I hope you cartoon crazies like it!!

There is heaps more to the story, it's gonna be about a minute, when I have more animated... I'll pop it up here for the whole world to see!

catch ya!



Here is a new poster I did for Kustom Lanes up coming exhibition.... FREAKSHOW!!! (the Art Of The Warped Mind) I'll have some paintings of freaks there for sale so come on down!! it will be on Friday the 13th of March, with heaps of other artists!!! I'll let yous know as soon as I know who's coming!

Ohh yeah!! Yesterdays fund raiser was really good, I think we reached our goal of $10 000, and we all had a merry old time, so thank to everyone that came and Tony for setting it up!!

Also here is a surfboard Zak gave to me for my duties as cartoonist for his company, we have some stuff in the works that I'll let you know about as soon as we got something happening.