NEW Tym Guitars Fuzz Pedal!

G'day Folks!!! look at how excited I am about my NEW "Howlin Woolf" Fuzz Pedal, by Tym guitars, it's got the drawing I did for him silk screened on it, I tried it out yesterday with the whole band blaring!!! and it's one mean fuzz!!! Get yours today!!!! If there was a nuclear holocaust this pedal would still be around, it's one steardy peice of fuzz!! I think the Russians are trying get Tim to build their new tanks!!!
First show back this Saturday! we'll be on around 11ish, but come and see the Swamplands and Manic Pistoleros they're real good! looking forward to it!!

Here are some closer picks!




On top here you have a poster for the return of Midnight Woolf, we've just had a pretty long break, our first show back, as you can see, will be on the 26th of September with the Manic Pistoleros and Swamplands, the show is at IDGAFF (160 Hoddle st, Abbotsford). I finished it today with watercolours and ink.....

below is the pencils roughs for it....

and down here is the colour guide I did with crayons....

See ya!