I just launched a Patreon today.

Fuzzhound Friday Funnies, 

There will be NEW Digital comics dropping every Friday plus some screwball animation and other special things... maybe some original artwork...? Special edition paper comics? We’ll see...
Hope you stick around!
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Online cartooning workshop

 I was  asked by the City if Greater Dandenong to do a little course on cartooning,..then Covid hit so it had to be online.

If you’d like to learn how to draw Cartoon Character Expressions Draw along with this video.

Thank for watching!



Jack The Bird

I’ve started working on Jack The Bird cartoon. This here is a little snippet of when Jack the bird turns into Jacko.
I had a great time playing and recording the music. I stuck the tempo to 180 BPM like the old days so the beat falls on every 8 frames.
That’s an old Tom and Jerry trick.
It helps way more with timing and also you know that hits are going to be on certain beats. I also had heaps of fun animating it.
It took me about 3 lazy days to storyboard... as it took a while to find the scenes in my imagination but when it all came together I animated the whole thing in 3 days.

Here is the animatic for it:



I just made a short tutorial on how to draw Scruffy.

Also here are the steps to follow.